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Up Coming Exhibition- Opening Night MARCH 8th, at 6-8 PM

"Moving Through Stellar Space"                 

Exhibition runs through March 8- 28th  



Katinka Mann is a sculptor living and continuously working in New York since the 1940s. The metal reliefs are an exten-sion of her previous body of work in photo-based reliefs.
She says "Using dimensional drawings and dimensional photographs, I reshape line, space, texture, and color. New work has always been inspired by my previous body of work. The inspiration for these metal works has its roots in photographs taken in my studio in 1982. This working process propels me to a different level of clarity that I find very exciting".

Her work has been written about by numerous art writers and critics from Arts Magazine, Newsday and The NewYork Times. She is represented in many public and private collections including the Westlicht Museum, Vienna, Austria, The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY, Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY, Hillwood Art Museum, Greenvale, NY, Polaroid Int’l Corp., Cambridge, Ma., Russ Togs Corporation, NY, etc.