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Up Coming Exhibition- Opening Night April 3rd, at 6-8 pm

Gallery Max Soho Proud to announce AHMET YESIL: VOICES and TRACES solo exhibition

Yesil has been actively working as an artist since 1982. He has been opened 105 solo exhibitions, participated in 297 mixed and contest exhibitions, and received 24 awards. Even though he follows closely the art movements in the world and in Turkey, he clings to his own reality, developing his art as his brush portrays his longing, passions, excitement, emotions, ideas, pain and joy on the canvas. What needs to be emphasized is that he created an idiosyncratic visual language, which can only be defined as “Ahmet Yesil’s style”. Like many artists, his early period stands out with landscape paintings. During this period, the artist mostly produced paintings that could be defined as impressionistic. His second period can be defined as the figure period, during which he approached women and children in a social and societal context.

His third period (1990-1997) was the era when he really began to flourish as an artist. The image of rope began to attain an important place in his paintings and became an essential part of his compositions during this period. In his fourth period as an artist, ropes and strings started taking up all the surface and content on the canvas. His recent works are detached from any thematic narrative; fully minimalistic works created by plastic and artistic power become semiotic and open pieces. The perfect harmony of rhythm, balance, lyricism, lighting, shadow and bright colors in Yesil’s paintings enable on viewers from various cultures to immediately interact with the image. That’s why his pieces have been included in many personal and public collections in many countries, such as Turkey, Germany, USA, Canada, Netherlands and UK. Ahmet Yesil “Voices and Traces” will be display on April 3rd -26th, 2019 at the Gallery Max Soho.

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